Permacouture Institute is an educational non-profit for regenerative design in fashion and textiles. Permacouture Institute supports healthy integration between nature and culture. We encourage cross-pollination between sustainability movements and preservation of traditional textile methods, sparking innovation in the process. We work with hands-on grassroots projects to support sustainability and textiles. We research sustainable plant-based dyes and recycled fibers, and consult and educate in the realm of sustainable textiles by looking closely at patterns already found in nature. Permacouture Institute was founded to encourage creativity in where our materials come from and the social practice that supports it. Over-consumption and toxic run-off from the clothing and textile industry has increased environmental and cultural degradation. We specifically target healthy practices and encourage the exploration and implementation of regenerative design from the smallest seed to the wellspring of new growth. Clothing and textiles have long been connected not only to material necessity, but also to celebration of culture, ethno-botany, creative re-use and innate sense of place. Permacouture Institute explores fashion and textiles from a dynamic and ecological perspective, offering optimal solutions for change. See our website, www.permacouture.org for more information. Email us at info@permacouture.org Sasha Duerr sasha@permacouture.org Katelyn Toth-Fejel katelyn@permacouture.org

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Seeds To Sew at Berkeley Eco House

We completed another successful Seeds to Sew workshop at the Ecology Center’s Eco House in Berkeley, CA. The Ecology Center has been a hub of sustainable living and an incredible resource for the Bay Area. Their programs span a variety of topics and they are the ones in charge of our curbside recycling and compost pick-up program (Thank you!!).  They also started the BASIL  - The Bay Area Seed Interchange Library. Last month I had the opportunity to go by BASIL and inaugurate our dye plant stamp and our seed saving poster. Their Eco-House located in North Berkeley is a demonstration zero-waste house with a greywater system and marsh, on-demand hot water, solar panels, strawbale tool shed, and a thriving permaculture garden. As you’re starting to tell, I could go on and on about the Ecology Center. It was a great honor for the Permacouture Institute to partner with them.

On to the workshop… The weather was beautiful and it was great to be working outdoors in the garden where we harvested some of our materials. 

Local California wool from A Verb for Keeping Warm, Oakland, organic cotton from Stone Mountain and Daughter, Berkeley,  and silk scarves from Dharma Trading Co., San Rafael.

Our learning & dyeing group gathering and doing Shibori under the naturally built bamboo trellis. 

Maple leaf prints on iron mordanted cotton. 

Brilliant red sandalwood.

Yellow turmeric & onion skin dye,  magenta ayurvedic red sandalwood & tulsi dye.

Celebrating color! Voila! 

Join in our next Permacouture Seeds to Sew workshop with the Seedfolks on Sunday, September 11, 2011 in Oakland.

- Deepa